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Traditional Iron Kadhai

Traditional Iron Kadhai


This Traditional 10 inch dia Steel Indian Karahi is fantastic value!

Handmade from carbon steel.

Non Stick and Dishwasher Safe.

Remember to clean initially and season well to protect. (See Below)

  • Seasoning Instructions

    This Karahi is protected by a factory applied antirust oil which must be removed before starting. Wash and scrub both the interior and exterior of your karahi thoroughly with a cream cleanser to remove the special antirust coating. Rinse and dry thoroughly over your gas ring or electric hot plate. Put in two tablespoons of cooking oil [any will do except olive oil, groundnut is preferred]. When the oil is warm rub the interior with a paper towel until the whole surface is lightly coated with oil. Heat the karahi slowly for about 15 mins wiping occasionally with more oil. You will see it start to darken in colour. This means your karahi is becoming seasoned and with use it will get darker and even black.

    Never scrub your karahi after it has become seasoned especially with any harsh cleaners or scouring pads. Just wash it gently under the tap with plain hot water and gently wipe off food debris with a sponge or traditionally a Bamboo brush cleaner.

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