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Are Your Spices Fresh ?

Yes, they are, we only import and buy the very best. The difference it makes to your food is amazing, supermarket brought spices have often been sitting on shelves for up to 18 months, they loose there flavour, colour and vibrancy. Using fresh lifts your food to another level.

Where Do You Get Your Spices From ?

We buy our ingredients from only the best, most reputable UK spice merchants and we also import

from Spain, Hungary, Madagascar, and The Seychelles. 

Where Do You Deliver To And How Long Will My Order Take To Arrive?


We use the courier Hermes to deliver your order anywhere within mainland UK. 

If your order is placed before 10.30am we dispatch same day, if not we send it next working day.



How Do I Pay And Is Payment Secure ?


You pay through your personal Spicy Joes account. Using our chosen payment provider "World Pay" who are one of the largest most trusted secure payment providers in the world.

If You Have Something You Would Like To Ask Us, go to our " Contact Page"

And Send Us Your Question. We love to hear from you !

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