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Fresh Spice, Spice Blends, Dried Herbs

Chillies, Salts & Peppers

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About Us

  • We buy and use only the very best spice and herbs

  • Our concept is simple, our spice and blends are freshly ground and mixed by hand in small batches, meaning that you only ever get to experience fresh flavours at their very best, the difference it makes to your food is amazing.

  • At Spicy Joes we make an extensive range of spice blends and seasonings to suit all tastes and dietary requirements. 

  • It’s not all about making the spiciest blends, the word spicy should not be taken as just meaning "hot". Its all about adding amazing flavours to your food.

  • Whether you want to make restaurant quality curries, wake up a simple salad or put some attitude in your stew, our flavours are designed with everyone in mind.

  • No additives, colourings or preservatives in our products just 100% pure fresh spice, herbs, salts & peppers.

  • Our blends are gluten and wheat free and all are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

With A Little Spice !

How To Order


It couldn't be easier, open your on line Spicy Joes account, browse our fantastic products, choose the ones that that you like,

order and pay using our secure payment providers Worldpay or Pay Pal, your order is delivered directly to your door by Royal Mail 24 hour tracked service, who we use as our sole courier service





Live Life

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