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The Curry Guy BBQ

The Curry Guy BBQ


The Curry Guy, Dan Toombs, strikes again !

In this brand new book be brings you recipes for cooking outdoors over fire or on the BBQ.

100 fantastic  recipes that can be cooked very easily on a kettle-style barbecue. Even if if weather isn't being kind.

It is  be amazing at just how much can be cooked and achieved this way.

Dan has taken inspiration from original, popular street food recipes, picked up on his travels  as well as the most popular one-pot curries that can be cooked over the fire.

In addition to the fabulous recipes, the book contains loads of information on barbecue, cooking techniques, fuel types, how to light your barbecue and even the basics of using a tandoor oven.

Curry Guy meets BBQ!

Brilliant book and a fantastic gift for someone !

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