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Smokey Bean Hot Pot

Smokey Bean Hot Pot


This sweet tangy tomato, smoky flavour is a real winner with the younger generation.  it has no heat and full flavour, fantastic for BBQ !

Making beans taste amazing, can even used as a seasoning for a Pizza base.  

  • Ingredients

    1 table spoon of Spicy Joes Smokey Bean Blend
    Root vegetables of your choice diced chunky.
    1 onion diced
    400g Haricot beans, soaked and washed
    A gammon steak sliced or veggie option if preferred
    1/2 a bottle of red wine
    1 table spoon Cooking oil
    4 fresh tomatoes diced
    This dish is mild if you would like extra heat add a 1/4 teaspoon of chilli flake to the Bean stew.


  • Cooking Instructions

    Add oil to a frying pan fry off onion and gammon until caramalised then leave to rest.
    Place all other ingredients in to a  slow cooker
    cook for two hours on high heat.  When done your stew should look thick and chunky.  

    Now before serving re-fry onion and gammon until crispy

    scoop a hearty portion of the been stew on a dish and top with gammon slices and crispy onions.  Drizzle oil from the pan on top.  

    Serve with fresh cut chunky bread and real butter

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