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Misty Ricardo's Indian Restaurant Curry At Home Volume 2

Misty Ricardo's Indian Restaurant Curry At Home Volume 2


Richard Sayce (aka Misty Ricardo's Curry Kitchen) returns with another top quality cookbook. Following on from the success of the Gourmand Award winning INDIAN RESTAURANT CURRY AT HOME Volume 1, this new volume contains many more excellent starter, side dish and curry recipes, along with a generous handful of vegetarian curries, more traditional dishes, and streetfood recipes - Over 50 recipes in total. There's also an in-depth chapter on how to scale up BIR style curries when there are multiple mouths to feed, and a look behind the scenes of the Indian restaurant kitchens. The book, which is full of photos is contains all you need to create your own restaurant quality food at home in your kitchen, and can be used fully independently of Volume 1. However, the first book has so much information and tuition that it's certain you will be glad to have a copy ( which, like Volume 2, is available in both paperback and kindle formats. Most of the recipes have associated YouTube tuition videos which can be easily and instantly accessed by scanning the QR codes included in the book. Watching the dishes being cooked up close and personal perfectly complements the written recipes. Sacred cows, it is said, make the best hamburgers. Richard Sayce, once again, pulls the curtain back and allows the full complexity of what goes into a BIR curry to shine through. Misty Ricardo's Curry Kitchen is already renowned across YouTube as one of the premium resources for learning how to cook Indian Restaurant quality food at home, with well over 26,000 subscribers and almost 5 Million video views. Richard is also very active on Facebook, Instagram, and twitter.

  • Volume 2 Specifications

    In Beautiful Glossy Full Colour

    176 Pages

    Size 20cm x 26cm

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