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Cast Iron Sizzle & Serve Dish (15cm dia) with wooden base.

Cast Iron Sizzle & Serve Dish (15cm dia) with wooden base.

  • OVEN-TO-TABLE SERVING DISH FOR 1-2 PEOPLE - cook up delicious baked pasta dishes, mac n cheese, cottage pie, risotto, stir fries or even sweet dishes like bread and butter pudding and serve straight at the table
  • HEAT RESISTANT SOLID WOOD STAND - made from beautiful, close grained maple carved to fit the gratin dish perfectly with raised sides for easy lifting even with oven gloves
  • USE IN THE OVEN, ON THE BBQ, OR AS A FRYING PAN ON THE HOB - suitable for use on any type of stovetop including induction, the durable metal gratin dish is extremely versatile for cooking a wide variety of recipes
  • CAST IRON KEEPS FOOD WARM AT THE TABLE - the solid metal dish conducts heat well and holds on to it for a long time to give excellent cooking results and then keeps the food at the perfect temperature to serve your guests
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